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Earthbound (also known as Mother 2) is a video game that was released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was also released on the Game Boy Advance, being paired along with Mother. Earthbound follows the adventures of a boy named Ness. He is thirteen years old and attains psychic powers. He along with three other friends, named Paula, Jeff, and Poo journey to collect eight melodies in order to defeat Giygas. Giygas attains intentions to envelop all of reality within eternal darkness.

Earthbound achieved much success in Japan. It eventually rose to the #1 spot on Weekly Famitsu's top 30 chart due to the surplus of recommendations by the magazine reviewers. However, in America its initial reception was of the contrary. At the time, American audiences were rather indifferent to Japanese RPG's. It was not untill the release of titles like Final Fantasy VII that propelled the genre into the mainstream. Over the years, Earthbound has become widely appraised throughout America for being ahead of its time, its storyline, graphics, and mainly, its humor.